Autumn 2013 and general update

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This autumn has been gorgeous. Only a few days when it was either windy or tipping it down with rain, or both. The rest of the days have been lovely and sunny, perfect for visiting the beach or going on daytrips. I’ve actually been very excited on the colder days because I managed to put Princess into some of the warm clothes we’ve had handed down. Otherwise she might have grown up without wearing any of them!

Princess in warm clothes 20 April 2013

Reptile Boy and I have been enjoying the scenery as we walk to and from preschool. He has made some good friends there and I love spending the time walking with him. We spot crabs or birds on the way and talk about everything and anything.

bird 18 Apr 2013 bird near Manly Yacht Club Pelicans in Manly Cove bird on Manly Oval

Reptile Boy on the way to preschool

Pokemon Boy is definitely starting puberty now. He has patches of being very moody and tearful and he’s started waking up later than before, if that is at all possible. He’s mostly happy, though, making friends at whatever event he goes to (most recently his surfing classes and the homeschooling athletics carnival), working on his adventure map for Minecraft, reading voraciously as always and doing just about enough other homeschooling work to get by.

The holidays were a bit too busy. I booked Pokemon Boy and Drama King into holiday courses at the same time but neither of them had friends with whom we could share lifts, or just to enjoy the courses together. I spent a lot of time driving from one place to another and not feeling that I was paying any of the children very much attention. Reptile Boy and I managed to go to family yoga at Manly Yoga and have sushi with Princess one day (and we had sushi another time, not pictured, with our independent midwife I had when Princess was born) but overall it was pretty busy and I won’t do it that way again.

Princess and Reptile Boy 4 April 2013 Leaf madala at Manly Yoga 16 April 2013

Despite some little occurrences with a stick, Drama King enjoyed his soccer clinic at Brazilian Soccer Schools Harbord. He missed his holiday course at the Sydney Vocal Arts Centre but he is now doing choir every Wednesday afternoon. He, I and Dickie Turpin also went to a chemistry workshop at Manly Library. The children had a lot of fun, especially making sherbet at the end. I was interested to see how the workshop was run. It was a bit too ‘schooly’ for me. With 30 children it was hard for the workshop teacher/leader/facilitator to respond to them all individually. It became, as is often the case, a class where the children had to follow her instructions and do what I call ‘party tricks’ rather than design their own investigations. Still, they made lots of fun colours (using cabbage water as an indicator) and it fitted in nicely with the work we have been doing in our small science club about colours and dyeing.

Chemistry workshop in Manly Library 16 April 2013

Regarding the science classes, I am running four sessions in Marrickville with my boys and some other homeschoolers. We will be looking at rocks and minerals. It’s a topic I’ve done several times, with my Open University students years ago, and with my small science club at home more recently. Nevertheless as the first day approaches I’m feeling a little nervous. It will be good to have the first class finished and mastered and I’m hoping this could lead to better things, maybe closer to where we live in Manly.

My man is working as hard as usual but also still having his guitar lessons. We managed to go out together for a meal at Le Kiosk, Shelly Beach, which was a lovely evening and we will definitely go back there.

Princess is just as fun as usual. She still enjoys taking items out of boxes – and sitting in the boxes afterwards. She’s starting to say more words, including ‘shoe’.

Princess and Reptile Boy in Redfern 11 April 2013 Princess in box 9 Mar 2013         Princess with iPad 13 Apr

We’ve done a little bit towards moving out of this apartment, other than just talking about it. At one point we thought we might move into an apartment closer to the centre of Manly, while some other expats go back to the UK for a little. But we would have had to put most of our belongings into storage, and the price of that plus removals not once but twice, just made it too expensive to be worth the trouble. At least we have a couple of quotes for removals now. I have been slowly sorting through the children’s clothes although this just means I have bags of clothes sitting around the place and have to remember whether they are for saving, giving to charity or putting on the ReUseIt network.

Exercise wise, I went running last week for the first time in ages, but now that term has started again I should be able to get back into a routine again. We are all booked to do the Manly Fun Run later in May and I am looking for a half marathon to work towards.


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