Moving again


We knew this would come. We moved out of our last apartment – if you are following this blog you will know the story – and into this one and it was always only supposed to be a short-term rental. We hoped (yes, we hoped) that we would be able to find a house to buy in that six months. But, you know what? House prices in Sydney are stupidly high at the moment. Places are going in auctions for well over the asking price. We have saved up some money to put down as a deposit, but we don’t have a huge amount. It didn’t take long to work out that no mortgage lender would give us enough to make up the difference.

Then my man quit his job. So we didn’t even have to think about buying a house any more because we knew that definitely wasn’t going to happen. But that’s okay, because I’d far rather live with a man who is out of work and happy with his decisions than a man who is working and hating it. The atmosphere at home is far better nowadays, even with the stress of moving, compared to what it was a few months ago. The money saved up for the deposit can just be used to live on. I reckon we have about a 9 month buffer before we get too worried and one of us has to look for a job again.

Back to the house. I liked this house. It is huge. It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, four toilets, two living areas, a garden, a bike shed and a driveway. It is fully detached, so no nosy neighbours complaining about our noise (although our neighbours on one side create enough noise themselves, so I doubt they would bother ever complaining).

When we moved in, there were cockroaches and smells. There was a broken dishwasher and a dying rat. Mosquitos had colonised the garden. But I enjoyed it here. I liked the stains on the carpet and the walls. I didn’t have to worry about what my children might do to add to the stains. I liked having enough space to create a messy area with a ‘craft table’, and not having to clear the dining table of our work every time we had a meal. I liked my children being able to walk or cycle to their friends’ place. I felt at home here.

Now we are packing up our stuff again, and trying to hide toys from the children that we know they have outgrown, so that perhaps, this time, we can manage to get rid of them. I have eaten up the last tub of home-made vegetarian chilli from the freezer. And I spent the last week trying to sell items that cost us a bomb but no-one in Sydney seemed to want. (Lightly-used baby capsule, anyone?)

We don’t yet know where we are going. I have cancelled Princess’s daycare, our nanny and my running club membership. Oh, and the gas and electricity. We have three weeks of holiday rentals booked and, as yet, no place to go to after that.

It would be great to live in or near Manly again. North Manly, Manly Vale, Balgowlah, Queenscliff, Freshwater, Curl Curl or Dee Why would all be great. I suspect, however, we won’t get what we are looking for at a reasonable price unless we look further afield.

Life is fun. Life is nothing if not an adventure.



About scimumsam

An ex scientist living in Australia, currently tutoring maths and science and homeschooling my own children. I blog about science and maths education on, and homeschooling (infrequently) on lookingslantwise.
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