Lake Macquarie

I love staying in cabins. Every time we stay in one, I think to myself, “This tiny place suits us fine. Why do we need anything more?” The kids love sleeping all in the same room in little bunk beds. Then I realise that after a few days squashed together we would be wishing for a separate living area to escape to now and then. And a room for our eldest. And maybe an extra toilet. And place to store our books, art materials, camping equipment, seasonal items and hand-me-down clothes. I am, truth be told, a terrible hoarder. I am not sure I would cope very well having to cut down on our ‘stuff’. But it’s good to live minimally now and then.

We moved out of the last house without too much trauma.
My man did a great job of moving all our stuff to our storage facility. We had paid a removals company to move the largest items. Now we have two rooms absolutely packed full with our possessions, and our essentials packed into the car with us.

A friend of a friend helped me to clean the house (after the cleaning company charged us $650, which we thought was far too high considering it didn’t include the walls or the carpets). The experience last time we moved fed my anxiety and I was feeling quite ill when the time came for our exit inspection. Thankfully, the estate agent this time round was very pleasant and said that we had done an excellent job looking after and cleaning the place. Phew.

So we left Sydney, joined the commuter traffic and took a little longer than I expected to reach Lake Macquarie. Everyone loved our little cabin at the Big4 Holiday Park and it was a shame we couldn’t stay there for longer. But I have a farm booked in the Myall Lakes area and we only had time for a little play in the playground, some emergency laundry and then we went off towards the Pacific. Highway again.





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An ex scientist living in Australia, currently tutoring maths and science and homeschooling my own children. I blog about science and maths education on, and homeschooling (infrequently) on lookingslantwise.
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