Reading list for 2016

This year, purely for my own pleasure, I am going to read my way through the Telegraph’s list of 100 novels everyone should read.

There are many of these lists around, but the Telegraph one is as good as any. What made me decide to take on this venture? Firstly, that I feel I haven’t done enough for myself in the past year, and secondly, that I looked down the list as a possible reading list for my teenager, and found I myself had read just under 50% of them. To be precise, I had read 47 of the books on the list. This means I can read one a week and be left with one to finish over the next Christmas holidays.

I’ve already decided to leave the Proust until next Christmas. I don’t think I can tackle seven volumes of Proust in a normal week, even if it is in translation.

This week’s book will be George Eliot’s Middlemarch. I remember reading Silas Marner and Adam Bede ages ago but I don’t think I’ve read Middlemarch yet.

I will try to write a few comments on each book I read.


About scimumsam

An ex scientist living in Australia, currently tutoring maths and science and homeschooling my own children. I blog about science and maths education on, and homeschooling (infrequently) on lookingslantwise.
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